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Strengthen your business relationships through serving and not selling

Many business owners would argue that a crucial step to ensure success within your company would be to secure multiple clients and increase your client list to as many as possible. That is not the case, a clever decision is to identify people that have already connected with the clients you seek and to build on those relationships. According to Sandy Corrigan’s podcast, that is what one would call Lumberjacks – the start of countless potential referral partners that are strategic alliance associates. That is not only cost-effective but saves you time in which you can invest in other parts of your company.

How can one identify the ‘lumberjacks’ for their company?
Every company should request the right questions to identify the people already referring business to you. It is vital to find the top referral people within your database. Essentially set up a strategic plan to deepen that relationship with those people to tie the knot between your business and the people who are beneficial to your business.

Build on those relationships and serve
The next step would be to focus on strengthening the vital relationships and having effective one2ones. When having an one2one, hark back to FORD – not the car, but the acronym! These are the four topics that are important to focus on when building on the relationship. Talk about the family, occupation, recreation, and dreams. Truly show interest and do not let your mind wander – invest time in the people important to you and your business. Anyone who feels valued will go the extra mile to give the same as they have received. Would it not be healthy for your business to have the same treatment?

Take the next step towards a stronger business relationship
Deepen your relationships through FORD and experience the value of investing time in those referring businesses to you. For more podcasts that focus on becoming successful business leaders, visit

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