Transform Your Business with the 2-Page Strategic Plan

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Feeling Stuck in the Groundhog Year Syndrome?

Have you found yourself at the end of the year, realizing that nothing has changed, and your business is still in the same place as it was at the beginning?

You're not alone.

Hi, I'm Chuck Blakeman, and I've been where you are. After building thirteen businesses on four continents, I discovered a game-changing strategy that shifted my perspective and results.


The Problem with "Random Hope" in Business

The "Random Hope Strategy" of working hard and hoping for success is the #1 small business strategy, and it rarely works. Harvard Business School reports that 48% of small businesses fail to meet half of their annual objectives because 48% of leaders fail to do any strategic planning.

Make MORE Money In LESS Time

Working hard is not the answer. You get what you intend, not what you hope for. I want to share with you how a simple 2-Page Strategic Plan can ensure that you and your business are in a different and more profitable place next year.

Start With the End in Mind

Stephen Covey's advice is powerful: "Start with the end in mind." Most small businesses, however, only plan until the end of the month. What if you could build a plan that guides you every week, ensuring success not just in the long run, but also in your day-to-day operations?

Our Approach to Strategic Planning

We offer a unique, two-page strategic planning approach that is rolling, dynamic, and flexible. This plan directly impacts your weekly activities, guiding you towards success throughout the year. It's not traditional business planning - it's a proven method to make more money in less time.


How It Works


Watch instructional videos at your own pace


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Join separate office hours on Zoom for personalized help

Join Thousands Who Have Transformed Their Businesses

Discover how our 2-Page Strategic Plan has helped thousands of business owners break free from the Groundhog Year. It's so effective that people are even using it for their marriages and families.

Ready to Change Your Business?

Email us at for more information. Let's make next year different - more profitable and less stressful. I look forward to seeing you succeed!