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Re-invent your purpose and grow your business

Many people start businesses with the sole purpose of making enough money to fund their desired lifestyle and to be a boss. Often these purposes run stale and cause the business to fail because people fail to track and work on particular metrics. They do not market online and track marketing efforts, listen to their customers, leverage future growth, adapt (and grow) when the market changes, and lastly they do not allow their staff to participate in the decision-making process. It is time to re-invent your businesses purpose to help it grow.

Jessica Daley is the founder of the accounting firm Xcelerate Business Solution. It is different from other accounting firms because it focuses on reclaiming time, rediscovering passion, and realizing dreams. It’s also about your money.

Xcelerate Business Solutions began with one goal in mind – to make enough money to expand Daley’s family through adoption. After one biological and three adopted children, they reached the goal, and had to decide whether to grow the company or opt for an alternative. They chose to grow and reinvent Xcelerate into the cloud-based accounting firm it is today.

“When we joined the 3to5 club, we made $80,000.00 a year, and after just a few years, we made $1 million a year. Joining the 3to5 club was the best decision we made, and now we have a new objective. We wanted Xcelerate to serve multiple purposes, such as being a company that values family and time, offering grants to others that are Helping Families Thrive, and leveraging technology to make all our lives efficient. With the guidance of Chuck Blakeman and the network from the 3to5 club, we created a participation age culture within the workplace, and so can you if you join the 3to5 club.”