OnTrak Workshop: The Big Why

Thursday, January 10, 2019 12:30 pm–4:00pm

3to5 Club Business Transformation Center
5670 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Suite LL100
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

“Why” is the one question that will give you direction more than any other question. And yet we rarely ask it. Why? Good question.


Lifetime Goals bring clarity by answering Why at the highest level in our business: It’s the Big Why. It’s the same clarity we get before we go on vacation, only at a much higher level.

He who aims at nothing hits it every time

So if you decide to actually find out The Big Why and answer the real question as to why you’re in business, kudos to you. You will join the ranks of the few who have not only planned a vacation, but the rest of their lives, too. And you will be one of the few who have learned how to use their business to get them to their Lifetime Goals.

There are three very important things we need to clarify before starting to build our Lifetime Goals.
* Making money is not an empowering vision.
* A goal realized is no longer motivating.
* We are made to do something significant.

Cost: $97 (discounted rate of $35 for 3to5 Club Members)

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Workshop Leader:
Chuck Blakeman lives in Denver, Colorado. In 30 years he has started eight small companies and led or helped manage other companies from $2 million to $120 million. He now uses his extensive experience to mentor other business owners to success.
It normally costs $1,500 to work through this process individually with a company. You will receive the same materials (including a soft copy if you prefer that method) and will come out of the workshop with a fundamental business strategy and everything you need to complete it in a few hours or less (the more time you spend on it, the worse it will get.)