DYI Challenge

October 2, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
3to5 Club Business Transformation Center
5670 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard
Ste LL100W, Greenwood Village
CO 80111
Are you making decisions based on where you are right now in your business or where you want to be?
Is it time to push forward to a new level?
Get on the FasTrak.
Tap into the power of your peers, get off the treadmill and get back to the passion that brought you into business in the first place.
The Objective: A Steady Stream of Potential Clients
The sales process doesn’t break down because we aren’t good salespeople, but because we don’t have enough of the RIGHT people to talk to. With a steady stream of potential clients, you could rapidly grow your business. FasTrak (the 90-Day Double Your Income Challenge) is designed to do just that.
Double Your Income in 90 days? Sound Crazy?!
Yet, in the last 3 years, 40+% of those who accepted the challenge, have doubled their income.
It’s amazing what we can do when we make a decision to do something, and put a date on when we’ll get it done.
If you could simply get in front of more potential clients, would your business grow?
This is maybe the most important 90-minute meeting of your business career! Here, you’ll review the three principles and eight tools of successful salespeople that will be shared during our 11-week FasTrak sales series.
In the meeting, we’ll discuss what the eleven weeks of FasTrak is all about, the mindset required to double your income, and the strategy and mechanics that will get you there.
If you take the challenge, you will join many others who will be giving each other practical, tactical, daily and weekly support and community for the entire 90 days in FasTrak. Even if you decide not to take FasTrak, this 90-minute meeting will be extremely useful and valuable to you.