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Real Leadership is Forged in a crisis

Steven Wilkinson on Using a Crisis to Your Advantage

Many business consultants are faced with the dilemma of maintaining business-as-usual or making significant changes in response to a crisis. Which path is right? Steve Wilkinson discusses ways to take advantage of a crisis. WHY CONSULTANTS REALLY SHOULD TAKE THEIR OWN ADVICE IN THIS TIME OF CRISIS…   I wrote this post with my friend…

3to5 club the business fitness podcast with john heenan

The Business Fitness Podcast with John Heenan.

You might find inspiration in John Heenan’s life story and how he approaches entrepreneurship. He recently sat down and had an up-building conversation with The Business Fitness Podcast. John Heenan, a Belfast boy who grew up dodging rubber bullets while petrol bombs were being launched at the Brits… which turned out to be an excellent incentive…