“The 3to5 system has given me the framework that I needed to build a business AND a life. I would 100% percent recommend this team to any small business owner. “

Stephanie Brook Mercer

3to5 Board

Stop Managing. Start Leading. Get off the Treadmill.

The art of leadership is to know how few decisions the leader needs to make.

Build an organization where you can trust others to make decisions,
so you can focus on true leadership activities like:






Building teams

Recruiting the right people

Championing Stakeholder’s success

Serving your clients

How do we achieve the FREEDOM we need to focus on these leadership issues, moving our business into the future, and get a LIFE at the same time?

3to5club_circles_color Board will help you:

  • Develop your leadership practices and habits
  • Learn how to build a great company around great culture
  • Meet with peers facing the next-level issues you face every day
  • Develop the tools and methodologies to stop managing and start leading
  • Get Outside Eyes in a safe environment with leaders who become friends
  • Get practical about planning, process, people, products and organization
  • Stay off the treadmill

Why It Works – 3to5 Board addresses the issues of growing businesses with Stakeholders by investing a significant amount of our time together on each attendee’s unique bottlenecks, and engaging the group in providing counsel, support, and accountability. Your business and your leadership need personal attention…you’ll get a lot of that in 3to5 Board.

Jump Right In – 3to5 Board provides the process for getting the highest level of support, encouragement and advice on developing your leadership, building a great company and getting a life at the same time. 3to5 Board takes care of all the details – venue, snacks, expert speakers, and monthly support agenda – so you can focus on relationships and actionable content that is proven to help you and your business.


Second Wednesday of every month 9AM – 12:30pm, at Crankset HQ 5670 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Suite LL100W, (Lower Level), Greenwood Village, CO 80110

The Structure

3to5 Boards are all capped at 12 members, allowing Founders and CEOs to build long-term, deep and supportive relationships. We meet once a month for three and a half hours. Members and their issues drive the content. We will also have quarterly speakers in person or via the internet. Speaker topics will also be driven by members, but will include outside funding, leadership, buy/sell/merge, insource/outsource, incentives, self-management, structure, training, and many others as the members see the need.

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Club Features

3to5 Club

3to5 Board

ContentMainly MMIKYBMMIKYB Foundation, WEAAABI/Participation Age & Member Driven
Business Owner StageStages 1 to 5Stages 5 to 7
# of Bottlenecks per Meeting1 to 28-12, almost every member at every meeting
Length of Bottlenecks5 Minutes15+ Minutes, depending on the need
Subject Matter Expert SpeakersNOYES
Focus on leadershipNOYES
Focus on organizational structureNOYES
Focus on the more complex issuesNOYES
Advanced business owner peersNOYES
Focus on peer discussionLIMITEDEXTENSIVE
Business Maturity DateWorking OnAchieved! On to Ideal Lifestyle
Meeting Frequency Per MonthTwice/mthOnce/mth
Meeting Length2 Hours3.5 Hours
Monthly OnetoOne w/ Facilitator
Maximum Number of Members2415
Business Advisory DiscountYESYES
Monthly Investment$249$950

For more info, email us at Grow@3to5Board.com