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Learn how to get your business to serve you.

Take your first step off the treadmill and towards living your ideal lifestyle by growing your business to maturity.

The only way to truly know the value of being in a community of like-minded individuals in a 3to5 Club is to experience it.

We believe in this value so much that we let everyone visit for one month at no charge and with no obligation!

What's in it for me?



  • Exclusive coaching session and multiple follow-up sessions with your club facilitator to support you on the following:
    • Determine your Big Why
    • Develop your 2-page strategic plan
    • Establish your Business Maturity Date (BMD)
    • Answer your questions
    • And more!
  • Connect with local and international 3to5 Club members and collaborate with business owners committed to building mature businesses in 3to5 years.
    • Earn more money AND
    • Earn the freedom of time to achieve your ideal lifestyle
  • Become a part of a community that meets twice a month and offers a safe place to get answers from outside eyes to the bottlenecks (problems and opportunities) in your business.
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  • Use the resources and skills from your 3to5 Club to give you a competitive advantage. This will set you apart from business owners who simply use “end-client” sales networking, like the antiquated “business card stab.”
  • Build in-depth relationships with strategic partners, a.k.a. Lumberjacks, who will share their extensive network with you for years to come.
  • Exponentially grow your mature network with exposure to Lumberjacks in other 3to5 Clubs all over the world.
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One-hour coaching session with club facilitator ($450+ value)

Two exclusive follow-ups with the club facilitator ($250/ea value)

Free copy of the book: Making Money Is Killing Your Business ($25 value)

Reduced price for 11-week FasTrak program which generates a steady stream of potential clients (½ off, $1,425 value)

Access to podcasts and members’ only forum to exchange ideas

Free Apex Profile ($79 value)

Reduced fees for future online applications (Lumberjack Sales System, Strategic Plan, Freedom Mapping, etc.)

Discounted access for you and your colleagues and stakeholders to attend online “OnTrak” business owner workshops ($35 per workshop, non-member price $97)

Access to 3to5 assets, including 3to5 Club Master Roster, Community Forum, audio files and handouts from previous meetings


Are you looking to make more money in LESS time? Would you like to get off the business treadmill and get back to the passion that brought you into business in the first place?

Simply fill out the form and a club facilitator will reach out to you to visit a club with no obligation!

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