3to5 is my community, my support system, and the safest place for me to learn the small business lessons I didn’t learn in college or in corporate. The curriculum is a well-rounded look at the complexities a business owners face and the expert facilitators provide indespensible guidance through the process of gaining more freedom. I know that 3to5 has saved me YEARS of flailing and thousands of dollars in experimentation!!!

Being part of a 3-5 Club has changed my business and accelerated my success. In my 20 years of being an entrepreneur I changed die-hard habits that were keeping me limited in my success. Now I expect my business to create financial success—of course but also the important commodities of time and meaning as well. My only regret is that I did not know the work of Chuck Blakeman and 3-5 Club when I started my first business.

Transformational for business and for my life.  Praise God for The Crankset Group

The 3to5 system played a pivotal role in the creation and success of my business. It’s given me the framework that I needed to build a business AND a life. I would 100% percent recommend this team to any small business owner.

I have to say I was a little hesitant to join the Club at first, but the value of the content that Chuck brings is well worth the cost of admission.
Because of 3 to 5 Club, I have been able to change my mindset to “business owner” instead of “income producer.” And little by little, I am finding the time and ability to implement the tools and processes I have learned to get myself off the treadmill. I have refined “what my business does” to a succinct description, set up a strategic plan and sales process, refined my services, hired the right people to help me move forward, adjusted my pricing, and am in the process of creating a true participation age company with stakeholders. 3 to 5 Club is an investment in my professional development that has paid off in knowledge, business growth, a supportive network of business owners, and referrals. In just over one year, my confidence as a business owner has increased, my relationships and network has expanded, and I feel more positive that I can aim higher and take on new challenges in the business world.

Prior to joining the Crankset Community my business struggled and my days, weeks and years were utter chaos. Granted, I was in the infancy stages of a new business during a the worst housing market in decades, there was no reason for the stress.
My introduction to the community was over 2 years ago by a strategic alliance partner and lumber jack, whom I still reciprocate referrals with. His confidence in the community was so strong that he contributed to my costs for the Fast Track workshop.
My attendance of that workshop reshaped my perspective on business and trained me to treat it like a business and not a job. I truly doubled my gross income within 8 months of completing the course.
The next obvious step was to join the community long term so that I could maintain focus on my long term goals and continue to strengthen the practices and systems within my business. Since then, I have learned to delegate both the mundane tasks and more significant activities to a personal assistant while growing revenue, volume and yield per hour. Although my expenses have continued to rise, so has my profit. Most importantly, I have learned to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce error. I have gained the ability to leave my business for extended periods while continuing to keep my clients happy and generate income.
The Crankset Community has been a blessing and continues to keep me focused on achieving my ideal lifestyle.
Thank you, Paul Aceto

Practical, no-nonsense principles that business owners can implement TODAY to get off the treadmill and start enjoying life more. There is a lighthearted magic in the simplicity of these principles that will wake you from your daily routine and inspire you to get going on the big project of making your dreams a reality.

Before the 3to5 Club, I was working 50-60 hour weeks, being knee deep in my business’s daily operations, and quickly working toward being ‘burnt out’. After 6 months of 3to5 Club and FasTrak, my business’s revenue doubled, I was working about 15 hours per week, and I met with my operations manager once a week for one hour. 3to5 Club gave me my life back!

Community…support…and partnership.  These terms come to mind immediately regarding my experience of 3to5 Club.  Oh…and generosity too.  What a wonderful set of connections, lasting relationships and wins continue to emerge within our group.

I have been apart of the 3to5 community for over three years and it has been an amazing experience for both my business but also personally.  Before I joined 3to5 Club, I didn’t have any entrepreneurial friends but after I joined I suddenly had 15+ great entrepreneurial friends that have become the core of my friends / my community.  These people were there to support me in the lows and the highs, which can be very drastic when it comes to new businesses.  Joining my 3to5 club was the most important and beneficial thing I have done for myself and for my business in the last 4 years because of that support and community that I believe every entrepreneur needs, especially in the beginning.  I’m indebted to and so grateful for Chuck Blakeman creating this community and for Julia Gentry being an amazing facilitator that nails the presentation of the content with her own spin and style that really hits home for me.